Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Flamingo Beta 32 is available for download.

When after downloading, you will be emailed a Cd-key to install.  To get the build, go to the Download Page....

  • Now when creating a new material you can immediately drag and drop it on an object. Previously it took a few clicks.
  • Fixed placing decals or mapping widgets to keep better coordinates and orientation.
  • Moving decals was difficult because dragging the base point would always snap to the current construction plane, it now considers the drag point and drags correctly.
  • When placing cylindrical mapping, the placement widget gave the impression that the mapping location is in the center of the image, this has been fixed.
  • Tuned up mapping widget placement to constrain to the current construction plane when picking the width and allow pressing of the Enter key to accept value.
  • The “Save” menu button enabled state is now set correctly while rendering and is getting enabled when the render is complete in all cases.
  • Selecting a material does not causes the material name to get truncated
  • Made sure that the material browser sort’s contents after renaming a material and added sorter to the file browser.
  • Added Delete from the Materials in Model panel.
  • Added lock option for the X and Y Scale options for the Marble, Granite, and Wood materials.
  • Added scale lock to the granite, Marble and Wood material editors.
  • Figured out why the background color buttons were not always updating when switching color modes and fixed it.
  • Error message was incorrectly getting displayed when running Check For Updates and was getting displayed twice when it failed for real.
  • Tuned up the Options/Flamingo nXt page so that it would work better when running in large font mode and when localized.
  • Made background color buttons update when importing lighting schemes.
  • Fixed problem with the Glow Post Process properties dialog truncating controls when localized or when running in large fonts.
  • Overhauled the bitmap preview button, images with one dimension larger than the button were not getting resampled correctly causing the preview to get truncated and making the alpha color eye dropper control not work correctly.
  • Added channel controls to the HDRI Planar control
  • Made sure the HDR controls update when being displayed.
  • Made sure environment background controls get initialized when displayed.
  • When you check Interior daylight and go to the Advance page, the Indirect Method is set to Interior, but the Color bleed control is grayed out. The Color bleed slider should be on whenever the Indirect Method is set to Interior.
  • Light Properties form: The Channel selection should be above the IES stuff. It appears to apply to IES stuff, but it applies to all lights.
  • Modified the Lighting/Sky, Lighting/Advanced Background and Environment color controls so they all look the same now.
  • Replace the manual check box in the sun tab with radio buttons “Set azimuth and altitude” and “Set location on earth”. Updated the control using a layout panel so it would localize and resize correctly.
  • Fixed: Advanced Material Properties for Tile (it's actually true for other settings, too).
  • Under Tile, click the icon to unlock the sizes. Change the Width. The Height also changes, and you have to change it back.
  • Fixed city name typos in the sun user controls city combo box.
  • Added a few exception handlers in response to crash dump reports.
  • Modified build process to ensure 64bit build symbols get posted to the symbol server
  • Created batch file to post symbols to the release symbol server when publishing public builds
  • Fixed: In a model with some Flamingo materials in the palette and assigned to objects:
  • The Displacement option Z-offset should be labeled Normal offset or just offset. This is not a “Z” offset. It has to do with the surface normal, not the z-direction of anything. UVN, not XYZ.
  • Changed to “Normal offset” in the Advance Material, Image Editor and the Texture Set Material Editor.
  • The material preview control was always using the default sphere radius when initially displayed regardless of saved radius.
  • Removed the time slider control for the sun
  • Made sure the time zone syncs with the current location
  • Update location controls when the city combo box changes
  • Update time zone when the location changes
  • Removed spherical mapping option from decal UI since it is not currently supported.
  • Removed the “Load” option from the material editor procedures context menu.
  • Fixed: In the Environment control: HDR background, rename the setting “Don't reverse left and right” to “Mirror” to match the Sky HDR setting name.
  • Fixed: In the Advanced Material Properties dialog box, the Preview sphere has a tooltip. No other items in the box do. It would be nice if the Color Swatch and the Procedures tree both had them. The color swatch could say: Click to select color. The Procedures tree could say: Right-click to add procedures.
To get the build, go to the Download Page....

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download server do not respond.....


is there a problem with the download page at present,

I keep getting the internet explorer cannot display this page error

We had a power outage yesterday.  It should all be back up today.  Can you get there now?
Yep working now thanks



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