Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Flamingo Beta 30 is available for download.

When after downloading, you will be emailed a Cd-key to install.  To get the build, go to the Download Page....


We have added many new features:

  • Improved masking objects against a color background.  Eliminates the "outlining" of objects on certain backgrounds and shows shows shadows on alpha channel groundplanes.
  • Removed debug code that was creating a bitmap on the desktop.
  • Modified the default folder settings reader to use default folder locations when configuration file contains invalid folder name. This should fix the problem with default folder locations saved pointing to previous install locations.
  • Moved the bitmaps folder from the libraries list to the support list so the folder does not show up in the libraries shortcut.
  • Fixed problem with blocks with negative scale factor not rendering correctly.
  • Rearranged the material browser adding an expand/collapse button to show or hide the material file browser.
  • Refined the user interface in a number of dialog boxes.
  • Added message to the material browser stating what it is and how to create materials.
  • Added “Sun Highlight” control to the sun page in control panel.
  • Moved the cloudiness control from the sun page to the sky page.
  • Tuned up the azimuth control so it would work correctly when placing the sun and HDR files as well as bitmap background files.
  • Modified the modal material browser so it now looks more like the control panel version, this includes an expandable file browser at the bottom.
  • Changed plant generation code to create point cloud object out of tool kit plant meshes instead of large mesh objects. The point cloud is generated from a sampled version of the vertex list, had to add some additional code to allow rendering non render meshable objects tagged as plants.
  • Did some additional work on the language pack installers. All languages seem to be complete with the exception of Polish and Chez which have not been touched and Japanese which is about 95% done.

To get the build, go to the Download Page....

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hi everybody:


Ive installed this beta today and ive been having some issues with the glass materials...it looks like a refraction effect, u know, like when you put an object through water and you can see an apparent change of direction on it.

Besides the reflections dont work and when two glass materials become superposed it turns to black.

Please let me know if its a local configuration issue or somebody else is getting this as well.

P.S. :this didnt happen with the other builds.



Im Getting this as well, It seems to just be clear glass, coloured glass seems to work fine


P.s.I have pictures on my thread



We did change a quite a bit with refraction against color backgrounds.  Can you send me a small model on what you are seeing.  I will test a few models with multiple transparent objects to see if I can find anything.
hey there....is there any news regarding this subject?....thx!

Any news on this subject?  is there a fix we can do with our materials?


I mostly render jewellery and this is a concern for me right now.  Right now i can't render anything with stones in them on my main computer. because they all appear too dark/Black


There are pictures and materials in my thread that i started a week or so ago if that helps?



The new build fixes the glass problem.  I just posted build 31.

I downloaded the latest version of flamingo nxt, but have not received the key to the activation.

Thanks in advance

Nicola Romani (romani.design@alice.it)

Looks like I'm not the only one affected by Build 30. I've attached renders of the same object from previous and current flamingo renders. (focus only on the diamond)


Build 30 turns it into garbage with dark grayness, but look closely and you'll see a gridwork of pixels. No problems with the purple stone in either build. (based more or less on a modified copy of the diamond material)


With Flamingo NXT beta, I'm constantly trying to tweak the right look for diamonds... Seeing a build throw it all away makes the effort seem more futile.


The material recipe I had so far for white diamonds:





Highlight Color: White

Intensity: 1.000

Fresnel: 0.500

Sharpness: 0.690

Type: Balanced

Template: Glass


Transparency: 0.900

Index Refraction: 2.400

Translucency: 0.000

Scattering: 0.000

Attenuation: 0.250

Dispersion: 0.600

Saturation: 0.600


Glow: 0.070



I find that coloured stones are actully darker than previous builds 29, they're not as crazy as diamonds(clear glass) but they are noticable darker.


I really hope they're able to fix this before my beta 29 expires.

Give build 31 a try, we worked on this.

I just downloaded it and gave it a try.

Took me a min of two to find the No Transparent Object Alpha, under the environnment tab, but once i did, i did a quick test of Build 29 and 31

No more crazy blackness/greyness. They look pretty darn identical


Thank you very much this is brilliant! You guys are awesome!




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