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There is no arguing that the worst bet is the one that lost. However, choosing an unprofitable bet with low winning odds is even worse.  Picking such a bet, you increase the house edge and lower your chances to succeed.

This article will tell you what bets to avoid in order to boost your winning chances.

Slot machines are the top popular casino games among players worldwide. First and foremost, avoid gamble features offered to you after each winning combination. Your chances to win a gamble feature are very slim. Our advice is to take your winnings and continue your original game.  According to statistics, players who ignore gamble games end up winning more than those who choose to take a risk.

Another pitfall concerns beginning blackjack players who do not know the basic strategy. Trying to avoid potential losses, they take a blackjack insurance. Novice players are fooled into thinking that an insurance is a good idea. However, this is trick casinos use to increase their advantage over the player.   

Here is some useful information for roulette lovers. Make sure to avoid American roulette by all means. American roulette features an additional zero cell that increases the house edge to a whopping 5.26%. Both European and French roulette versions are more player-friendly, offering much lower house edges.

As you can see, almost any casino game has its tricky bets. The game of dice is no exception. If you’re betting on a certain two-face combination to come up, prepare to face a whopping 17% house edge! By the way, Pass Line bet features a comfortable casino advantage of just 1.41% 

Beware of making side bets in Caribbean video poker. A side bet increases the house edge by at least 10%.


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