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The fact also confirms car dvd and Knitted Jacquard/Polyester Mattress Fabrics Manufacturers car gps my concerns, but gentle treatment of the throttle action of the new Touran started really to mention how "power", more pressing some of the pedal on the technical parameters 1750rpm the issuance of the conclusions of the 200Nm maximum torque is not easy to achieve, about the turbine to the 2000rpm after full operation.

Get in the car, I just found the steering wheel replaced with Function Mattress Fabrics Manufacturers the latest Volkswagen models to promote open from the 6th generation Golf, the control layout is completely follow the style of the old models, high version of the new Touran multi-purpose LCD screen not only the lack of navigation and other functions.

Just a weigh, it is easy to distinguish those cheap folding key areas, but the German depot from the POLO to the Passat with the same key to mold the "family", in my opinion or stereotype some. But even so, the new Touran changes in shape too sophisticated than the interior. More to recommend one, I hope that Shanghai Volkswagen to be considerate of the feelings of young people, black built-in version, and anti-mahogany plaque for doing metal fabric, I believe this will win more favorable impression.

The new Touran DSG gearbox with a positive attitude in my way a bit rude treatment response gear switching speed of 0. At this time, what is your best travel companion A variety of snack foods, functional beverage or iPad, the MacBook I think, true to a ticket is hard to train station, airport and long-term flight delays, you should be more will want to buy a driving ride can be easy and pleasant car! This went to the Shanghai test drive the new Volkswagen Touran journey cranky in the open.

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