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However, it more than makes up for the slightly low heating power in terms of its capacity to produce steam. For this particular model, you can expect continuous steam for about 30 minutes. The difference in time can be attributed to its slightly bigger water reservoir. In terms of design, the GS33R compact steamer comes with a more attractive and streamlined design.Regardless of the model, the Conair Compact Fabric Steamer is a great entry-level steamer that averages 1200watts of heating power.

For the GS4 model for instance, the water capacity can ensure continuous steam for up to 20 minutes. Since it has more features than the GS33R and GS4 combined, it also costs more. Among the Conair Compact Fabric Steamer models, the GS7R is arguably the best. Its large steam head guarantees that it can be used not only on clothing but also on drapes and upholsteries.When we speak of a Conair Compact Fabric Steamer, we refer either to the GS4, GS33R or GS7R models.

With these three models, you can be sure to find a Conair Compact Fabric Steamer that definitely fits your budget and your needs. The GS33R is another model of Conair Compact Fabric Steamer. Normally, you would have to use distilled water for the steamer but for the GS4, even tap water can be used. Other accessories include a door hook to hold the nozzle as well as garments.

They differ only from each other in terms of heating capacity, design and price but all basically possess the same characteristics of having a small foot print equivalent to only one square foot. Unlike the GS33R and the GS4, the GS7R also comes with a foot activated power switch and features 3-piece collapsible pole for hanging garments instead of the usual door hook. Its size belies its 55-ounce water capacity which allows for continuous steaming of up to one hour.

All models do not require a lot of space for storage, come with a manual and are easy to use. This same model comes with a fixed T-shaped nozzle that produces steam to be used for taking out the wrinkles in a variety of fabrics.. For this model, the power automatically switches off when the handle is replaced. Compared to the GS4 model, the GS33R only makes use of 1000watts of heating power. Despite its small size, it also features 1200 watts of heating power same as the GS4 model.

As with the GS4 model, the GS33R also comes with a knitted mattress fabric nifty door hook to hang garments. These are the current models of compact fabric steamers being sold by Conair today which are available both on their site and off the other internet websites


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