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The killer methods of SEO-promotion of online casinos in 2019 on the example of the Bgaoc website

Promotion of online casinos is such a difficult task that many agencies simply do not take it. And really: the methods here are different from the usual ones that SEO optimizers have already come to love. And therefore, the creative from the creators of online casinos and slots pours rivers. The main questions facing the creators of online casinos: how to maintain the competitiveness of their project? How fast will the casino pay off? Example of a successful casino affiliate can be found by this link based on it, we will give examples of those solutions that have paid off in terms of SEO.

Many standard channels of information delivery refuse to promote the casino online. For example, many newspapers, magazines, radio simply do not take such advertising into rotation. Therefore, the owners of the casino can only take other methods. Paid advertising is also usually limited. It would seem that casinos are surrounded by prohibitions on all sides. How to promote them? There are techniques, and then we will consider them.

Option One: Search Engine Optimization

The most stable way to promote a casino on the net is SEO. Focus on search always allows you to get a steady flow of visitors. Positions in the search help build momentum, attract large numbers of audiences. It is best to draw up a long-term promotion plan that will aim to achieve long-term success. Because the competition here is high, and therefore it is sometimes difficult to advance.

It is ideal to precisely collect the search queries that will meet your project. Even in the casino theme there are various slots and slot machines, each of which works in a special way. Finally, you should always collect links, because link promotion remains a unique and effective way to bring projects to the top. You can manually select sites and buy links there in special exchanges. You can also always negotiate personally with the owners of the sites so that they publish reviews.

Second option: partners

Search for partners is the second option. Many site owners are not ready to post links to gambling topics. And therefore, bypass such offers, even if they are offered at a higher price. Gaming thematic portals are few, so you have to get out. Even if you have detailed rules on how to play, many still believe that this is some kind of fraud, and therefore are not ready to advertise this. Alas, the stereotypical thinking of people cannot be changed.

Partners will always help to make the article quickly enter the SERP and attract traffic. There are also thematic portals, but there almost all places are already occupied by advertising. Major market players are buying up almost everything they see, and therefore it will be problematic to break through to a new project. Exception: you have a large budget. Then you can compete with those who sit at the very top and skim the cream.

Third option: YouTube and creative

We all remember the annoying casino ads with axes. Such creative options help the audience to remember for a long time. Naturally, the demand for a casino that promotes itself this way will be very high. After all, a young audience is very sensitive to trends, and therefore it listens to opinion leaders. For them, such leaders are the stars they know, as well as all those who are well versed in the topic. Bloggers often publish casino reviews and advertise games. All this is also well converted.

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