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Even with the cutting-edge espresso machine paired with the best beans, you still need a good coffee grinder for the perfect shot. The best espresso coffee makers optimize the scent of the bean and raise the latte level to something bordering on nirvana. So, what distinguishes a good grinder from a mediocre one? The best way is by looking for a grinder that uses burrs instead of blades. Instead of a single propeller blade, burr grinders use two spinning plates. A burr grinder can perform a more thorough grinding at any time thanks to its double pulverizing action. Only conical burr and flat burr grinders are available, but they are both equally well made.

The answer is whether an automatic or manual grinding device is best for you. While manually grinding their coffee beans is a good part of the morning routines for many people, the best hand coffee grinder is much easier to use than mechanical mills. Most people say they also produce better coffee.

There are some drawbacks in the use of handheld coffee grinders too, so we will look at 5 of the best manual grinders in this article. Although hundreds can be recommended, the grinders below are all high-quality coffee grinders with a wide range of features. In this article, we will guide you through the different classes and functions of the 5 best manual coffee grinders.

1. Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

For any coffee lover who wants a highly portable grinder without the questionable quality often associated with smaller models, this precision manual grinder is one of the best hand coffee grinders. The first handheld manual coffee grinder with a side-mounted handle is this Handground coffee grinder. This handle offers more natural movement and a more stabilizing position on the grinder even with your opposite hand. The combination of additional stability and thin raser sensitivity allows a steady grinding by Handground every time. You can load up to 100 grams of coffee beans because of its extra-wide mouth. Cleaning this manual grinder requires just a few seconds to disassemble. You sift out and slip out the inner burr. Then drop into the grass catcher on the base as coffee ground leaves the burr mill with smooth contours. The extra grip significantly reduces the force needed to grind your coffee beans.


  • Wide hopper
  • Extracts more flavour
  • Razor-thin tolerance
  • Enjoyable to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Consistent grind every time


  • High price


1ZPresso is a new Taiwanese coffee brand, primarily making manual coffee grinders. 1Zpresso’s previous model used a magnetic wooden ball to hand crank, but this time around the handle is more comfortable to use, while also less likely to fall off. The JX is a genuine grinder of almost 1 second. The typical dose of 20 grams of coffee takes approximately 25 seconds to grind. More impressive still is that it does not take much longer to grind for espresso. It's the fastest manual espresso grinder on the market.


  • Very consistent and fine grind
  • Extract more flavour in the coffee
  • Especially useful for higher coffee shop quality
  • Classy, minimalist and high-quality build
  • Adjustment of grind setting is simple


  • Slow compared to other electrical grinder

3. JavePresse Manual Coffee Grinder

For coffee lovers, there is simply nothing better than the smell and taste of coffee with a French press, the superior beverage. In less than five minutes, you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee full of flavour. The French press is beautiful because of its elegance, pace and rich taste of the coffee. We would recommend JavePresse for the best manual coffee grinder for the French press. The compact manual grinder measures just 1.8x 7.5x 1 inch and weighs under 10 lbs, which is suitable for frequent travelers. The stainless steel finish and the tubular shape are striking, sleek and streamlined.

An 18-click setting makes the right grind consistency from the ground French press to the fine espresso and anything in between, whatever your favorite brewing method may be. The ceramic conical burrs ensure that you keep the gap at a minimum constant that a grinder is made to produce. Like all manual grinders, capacity is small, but filling your French press is no problem.


  • Portable and easy to use
  • Low-volume grinding operation
  • High-quality and durable ceramic burrs


  • This manual mill is very durable, but exercise caution to prevent breaking it

4. The Porlex Mini Hand Grinder

Let's break the Porlex grinder open and see why it's one of the best manual coffee grinders. Let's first and foremost tackle the scale of this grinder. Of the consumer hand grinders, the mini is smaller than any others. It is about 5 centimetres long and less than 2 centimetres tall. It looks like a metal tube with a rubber handle and a shaft of a crank, like a cylindrical one. With this simple design, the Porlex Mini is the pinnacle of minimalism.


  • Ceramic burrs
  • Body made of 100% metal
  • Minimal size


  • Too small for large batches
  • Expensive for a hand grinder

5. ROK Aluminum Coffee Grinder

The ROK Coffee Grinder is well made in aluminum and offers a big, adaptable crank for use by left-handers. The bars are made of steel that can produce heat during grinding, but recently ROK has been offering ceramic alternatives to ceramic lovers. It's generally a robust and reliable grinder. This easy to use grinder is a primary one purpose machine: to grind coffee beans well. It works with a comfortable side crank. The metal wheel can easily adjust the grinder coarseness at the base. The grind consistency is outstanding in comparison to other manual grinders.


  • A great grinder for esthetic and practical use. It's a high-end quality coffee grinder
  • Quicker than most of the other manual coffee grinders
  • It is very consistent in its performance as a true burr grinder


  • The high cost can be compared to an electric burr grinder
  • The static attachment created by the grinder, which makes it somewhat challenging to pour coffee out of the grinder
  • The beans can be very challenging to get into the grinder since the opening is a little bit small


And that's our list of Best Coffee Grinders. We hope you find our post helpful, and we’d be pleased if you give us your honest opinions about it. Thanks for reading, watch for our future posts.

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