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How To Use Washi Tape With Sewing

Washi tapes are way too pretty to use and they look absolutely beautiful when you keep them in the stationary box but have you ever thought that you can use washi tape as a sewing tool? For righteous sewing, you just don’t need the best sewing machine for beginners but also the right tools to bring perfection in your work. If you are wondering how it is possible to use washi tape in sewing then here we are to give you complete guidance.

Straight Hems:

This is not an easy thing to keep the hems straight especially when you are a newbie in the world of sewing. If you want to keep the hem straight then use washi tape and your hems will not be that complicated again. Above all, you can add some colors to your work as well.

Using washi tapes to keep your hems straight

Heavy Fabrics:

When it comes to the heavy fabrics like leather or velvet, to mark them you can also use washi tape. Leather is quite unforgiving to pins because you can see marks of pins even after a long time. If you are sewing for a big project and you don’t want to use pins then use washi tape. Mark the area and then start stitching from the same spot.

Needle Keeper:

Keeping needles at one place is not an easy thing to do and if your needle is broken in the middle of the project then you may run here and there to find the next one. With the help of washi tape, you can definitely keep the needles at one.

Stick needle with by washi tape at the front cover and whenever you need them, you can simply pull them. To avoid needle breaking always use new needle before work. Read best sewing machine for beginners reviews to know more sewing machines and their features.

Secure Thread:

The major reason why your thread edges can be weak or may look furry all the time? Because these edges are open to sunlight and other environmental factors. To secure the thread in the best possible way and to see that performance of thread in your project, use washi tape. Always stick the edges of thread with the help of washi tape to the reel, at the time of using you can pull it and remove it.

Using washi tapes to secure the thread in the best possible way


If you don’t want to damage your patterns and you want to use them again and again then use washi tape. Instead of piercing the whole pattern with pins, you can stick it at one place with washi tape, even after one use, you can also bind all the patterns together with washi tape. You can stick different pattern at your sewing desk with this tape without damaging the paper or anything else.


If you are a newbie and you are finding it difficult to select the right sewing machine then read Selection Of Top Sewing Machines For Beginners Reviews And Comparison to bring some finishing in your work. Along with the right tools, you must have on the point sewing machine as well.

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