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The risk game is usually offered in video poker and slot machines. This is not an obligatory function, the developers will install this feature on their own. After all, with her the game becomes more exciting.

Risk game can also be called a game of chances. It is activated after the player received the payment. Before the worldwide online payments system is credited to the balance, the player is asked if he wants to risk the amount won to get even more. If not, the player can always refuse.

In the risk game, you will be asked to perform some task, and if the task is completed successfully, the gain increases. As a rule, you can go through several such rounds in a row, subject to the success of the previous one. After losing at least once, the player loses the money they risked. The player will have equal chances to win and lose. That is, the casino will not have an advantage.

Traditionally, the risk of the game uses the size of the entire win. But in some online casino gambling, half the winnings are allowed. And in exceptional cases, the player is invited to decide for himself how much he wants to risk. Want to know more? Visit the site Casinonic.om.

Tasks for the game on the chances can be different. One option is to automatically determine the result, when the program determines whether the user won or not. If he won, the player moves one step further and decides to continue or stop. This is the most uninteresting option, so it is no longer relevant.

Many risk games ask players to guess what color is a closed card. It may be red or black. Some models offer more than one variation of the risk of the game from which the player chooses. For example, there may be a choice between guessing a color or a card suit. Since there are only two colors, the gain during the passage of the task is doubled. And if the suit is guessed, the gain is multiplied by four.

In video poker, one open card and two closed cards usually appear. It is necessary that the player's chosen card is higher than the face value of the one that is open. Winning doubles, and equal denomination will be a draw.

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