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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

1. Ability to render selected areas of the final render.

By this I mean using selection window to e.g. render either a small portion of the final image in 1:1 ratio or rerender a selected area in finished rendering. I do wonder that the latter may be quite challenging to work out considering the indirect lighting & colourbleeding....

Never the less it would be nice to have a "fix up tool", since now should you notice a minor flaw in the final render the rendering has to be started  from the scratch instead e.g. rendering a "patch" and photoshopping it to place.

2. Faster/better quality preview function.

Would it be possible to tweak the rendering algorhitm or whatever you call it in a way that it would let say less physically correct, but as a picture finished looking (nice antialiasing, better looking textures etc). Now with large models preview function becomes many times obsolete since even a preview renders hours...

3. Or work on the RenderedShodows view so that it works more or less as a games graphic engine with materials and possibility to tweak the lighting in that as well.



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About Whish N1. Try RenderInWindow command.

About wish N2, what do you mean by preview? the pixelated blue sphere icon? I think rigth now it renders evrything the same as Render. Scott could add more information about this, Im pretty sure is the same quality between render and renderpreview in flamingo NXt.

if you need faster quick render images, probably the best strategy is to reduce render resolution.

3. About wiish N3, it will work similar to your description in a future update for rhino 5 only.

Thanks for comments.

Few comments.

Wish N1: RenderInWindow does not produce 1:1 "fix".  If I determine a final render size to say 2.0 million pixels and then use the RenderInWindow command and make the selection it will render the portion of the image 1:1 in relation to screen resulution/selection window size, not the actual render size I specified.

Wish N2:  That's the one or Render Preview Window. If it is same as Render what's the point of having it there then... And yes I do make previews by using small rendering resolution by lack of options really. So functioning/useful preview function would still be nice to have.

Wish N3: Hopefully the final version is far better than the one in 5.0. beta Love to see something fairly close to this http://virtualshape.com/en/products/realtime-renderer



For smaller models it might help to have Render Constraints like 'Object Change' and 'Viewport Change' in the Render Preview Window with an option to automaticly restart the rendering with the updated model. This would not replace a realtime renderer but it would save time during final adjustments to the scene.

Right now working with Flamingo materials can be quite confusing as Rhino ignores almost every material option except basic colors.

This improvement will be coming with a Rhino 5 only version of Flamingo.  We will be working on this version after we get out a service release on the current version.



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