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Hi all ...

This is not a serious problem but it has been perplexing.

I recently bought a new laptop ... primarily for taking to meetings with clients and using it to display rhino/flamingo architectural models to clients.

It came with Windows Home 8 ... so I updated my desktop to Windows Pro 8 (up from W7).

My laptop kept telling that a critical update for  3.0 was available and each time I downloaded and apparently installed the Sept 11 version of nXt.

But my desktop was running the October 18 build.

After many strange installs on the laptop I finally copied the desktop patch install for Oct 18 and installed it on the laptop ... worked fine and now both systems agree.

This may be a problem with Windows Home 8 ... at least that's what I suspect.

Anyhow ... just a heads up if you have any strange problems with installs ...



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Eric -

This is actually a problem in our updater.  We pulled an update because it did not work all the time.  This causes the confusing message.  By re-installing on you computer it set all the flags correctly so the message stopped.

So far, the only problems we have seen with Windows 8 happen before all the Windows updates are applied.  Once the windows updates are on the new machines, they seem to work well.

Eric, I am migrating to a new computer with Window 8 and am struggling to complete the install of Flamingo nXt - All goes well right up to the final click, then it says there's a problem - do you have any tips?

Are you installing off the download or off the disk.  We recommend installing Rhino 5 and Flamingo from the downloaded versions.  That assures you have the newest installers.

Was off disk - will try again by downloading, and many thanks
worked perfectly, Eric - thanks!



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