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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Which is best for Rhino/Flamingo NxT performance on a Mac- Parallels; Fusion; or Bootcamp?

I'm using Fusion and having a lot of trouble.

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Rhino is not supported on Parallels or Fusion. Rhino will be slow, unstable and show a few video problems. Rhino will run great on Bootcamp.  I personally run a Mac Book Pro on Bootcamp as my main machine.


As for Flamingo, the performance on Fusion or Parallels will be terrible.  We can only access one core on the CPU. With bootcamp, we can access the 2, 4 or more cores on the CPU.  This will lead to the best performance.

Thank you Scott. I am trying run on Fusion and having lots of trouble-time to switch to Bootcamp.


thanks much

I put up a petition to see how much interest there is in Flamingo for MAC. Please sign.




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