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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

 Just practicing when I came across this, it renders the same in ver. 4&5. I hope the drawing subject is not a problem.

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I changed the model a little so we could see with and without the glass lens.  Viewing this from below is important if you want the dynamic reflections.

There are two things that can cause this.  First is the indirect Interior light.  I see you have it turned on, but I am not sure quite why. If you go to the Lighting Panel, the Advanced Tab, you can turn off indirect light.

The main noise you are seeing in the material is the sandpaper texture.  If you reduce the strength of the sandpaper, then you will see less of the white dots.  I am running mine around .020.  You may want to try .030 and .040.  It takes at least 8 passes to really see what these will mean to the rendering.

This is personal preference, but on highly reflective, high curvature renders I normally will work with a much simpler HDRI to reflect. It tends to enhance the curvature of the surfaces. I used the Beach probe in this rendering.  You might find the interior you were using more to your preference. The busy HDRI may be contributing to the bright spots in the sandpaper texture.

That grey reflective material is going to be a real challenge.  There are many options.  I opted for more reflective with less sharpness.

You can also use the Pathracer engine on this.  It takes quite a bit longer to resolve and it is not clear the extra time is worth it, but I here are a couple examples:

Also, using Depth of Field and Glare is fun:


I did not really show you what close up with a subtle texture looked like:

Here is a version with a Sandpaper that Scale = 0.020 and Strength of 0.100.  Along with a Wrinkle texture of Scale = 0.100 and Strength 0.200.

Looks fun:

I was talking about the anomaly I am getting in the picture TestRender.bmp 

The horizontal line in the refraction? I cannot see that in the file I have.  If you move the view a bit, doe that artifact remain? 

I see this:

Yes Rhino ver. 4 and 5 at every angle and as I tried many different render settings. turn the computer off-on reload drawing same thing....

OK, It seems like it was the stupid way I drew the glass. I copied and pasted the dish surface and then made a surface around the outer edge and joined the three surfaces  to make a solid. Now I just extruded the dish surface to make a solid and this solved the horizontal anomaly. The other thing on the bezel was an unwanted reflection...




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