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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Hey all,

I'm using the really good running Rhino beta for mac and wonder if there's a way to get flamingo working with that Rhino version?

Thanks for your comments,

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The Rhino Mac version continues to get better. We plan to port Flamingo NXt to the Mac. But, the neccessary plug-in architecutre of the Mac version is under development. So, as soon as it is possible, we will do the port.
You guys are doing a great job on porting Rhino on the Mac, if you get Flamingo nXt, it will be a huge hit
any news?

When will flamingo be available for mac?

We would like to have Flamingo NXT for the Mac at some point.  The Mac version of Rhino does not have a fully developed set of developers tools.  There are still a number of hurdles to overcome before we can create a Mac version of Flamingo.

I do not have a timeline for it.

timelines aside, count me in as another VERY anxious beta tester for nXTOSX.. or is that OSXnXT?

Being able to step away from a bootcamped Win7/R5x64/nXT means not having to devote a significant portion of a very pricey SSD to the overhead of a 2nd OS, the shortened battery life under bootcamp, and a better focus on display and bluetooth mouse issues.


I put up a petition to see how much interest there is. Please sign if you are interested.




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