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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I am changing the wattage in my lights but see no difference in brightness in the rendering. What am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

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If the lights are the only lights in the scene then this is normal.  The Tone Operator is adjusting the brightness of the overall scene.  This fighting against your change in wattage.  Another scenario we see is artificial light in a daylight.  The Sky and sun can be so bright, that changes to wattage can make relatively little difference.

Here is how I approach these situations:

1) Set the wattage of the lights back to normal.  Then render.  I use the Brightness and Burn controls to adjust the overall brightness of the scene. That will save some time.

2) If you want to adjust the lights brightness against the sky or sunlight, put the sun, sky and lights on separate channels. Then after rendering you can use the Channel controls to adjust the strength.  You may find that you need to drop the strength of the sun to get the lights to adjust well.  This is a good way to adjust different bacnks of lights collected together channels.

Does this help?

Hey Scott,

The problem with using the brightness is that I have added an image to the TV display and it gets dimmer as well with the brghtness adjustment, and I want the tv bright. Any tricks with the tv display image ??? It is the only light in the room with the TV and no windows or sun. Thank you, again

Looking at a TV display can make this more difficult.  I would put the TV on its own channel.  Then adjust the lights, TV and brightness in the render window.  Normally I would bring the TV channel down, push up brightness just a little.

If you make the TV too bright, it will make the rest of the scene darker.

Hey Scott, so you make the TV a light in itself?

Yes.  Tag the TV screen as a light.  In light properties there is a switch that reads:  Use Material Color. This will make a TV screen that looks about right.



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