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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

OK....i'm very new to this, but loving it.  I work for a naval architecture firm, and most of the designs are static ocean vessels.  

I'm trying to achieve the smooth water surfaces that some of you guys seemed to have mastered, but I keep getting pixelation when closing in on the surface.  I attached a simple chrome object floating above the water material that comes with Flamingo nXt.  As you can see the front of the image is all blocky ruining the realism of both the water and the reflections of the object.

Is there a "Water 101" tutorial anywhere?  I'm obviously doing something wrong.

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How many passes? Getting water right it does seam to be an art.


I've let it go as many as 20, but doesn't seem to help.  This render was after 7 passes  My machine is incredibly slow as well (don't know if that matters or not).

If you could upload your file, I will see what result I get.

Just ran this on 50 passes.

Standard material.

Thanks M

here's the model.  I'm interested to see if 50 passes at that close of a range would elimate the blocks.  Thanks very much for your help MD.


Hi, as your item is small, the pixelation caused by the image for the water, it is set for large items. Number of passes wouldn't change background, see the two images below, 5 and 50 passes respectively.

I made a duplicate material, and change the tiles size from 9779 to 1000.

I have attached the model so you can see the differences, I have changed it to mm units.

Hope that helps.



Awesome...thanks so much!

Hi Mash Derrick,

6.5 years later and I'm wondering - have you been able to achieve similar or better results with Flamingo nXt 5.5? I'm struggling to get good looking water.





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