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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Is there anyway I can produce visible light beams? I'm working on a stage scene with "concert" lighting and it would improve the effect if the beams could be seen.

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This effect is possible, but it is not clear if it is practical.  Here are some notes on the effect that may help:


I set

  • Transparency to 1.00
  • IOR to 1.00
  • Scattering to .005
  • Make the material just off completely white.
  • Use the pathtracer engine.

This effect can take a long time to calculate.

Here is a quick examp


OK - Maybe I need new glasses !?!

I'm stuck at "On the Advanced Lighting tab, click the Enable box in the Fog group." 

Where is this 'fog' setting on Flamingo nXt?? I can't see it anywhere.

The Fog setting is a post process.  You add it after rendering.  It is located in the Post Process panel in the render window:


The effect you are seeing in my rendering is not Fog.  It is a cube that has a scatting material assigned to it.  The light is passing through that cube. You can download the 3dm in the post above to see the details.



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