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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I can't get rid of these mysterious lines in my rendering it looks like crap and I don't know why. I'm also a novice, but this just started happening all of a sudden.

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Also...I'm using both Rhino v4 and v5 with Flaming nxt

Interesting.  Two possible problems are:

  1. There are duplicate surfaces.  This problem of banding only in certain spots can be the result of two surfaces on top of each other. Do you have duplicates?
  2. Is the model a long way away from 0,0,0?  If you have a very thin panel and you are at a large coordinate, it is possible Flamingo will not be able to see the difference between the panels.

If you change the material, do you still get stripes?


there aren't duplicate surfaces, but i do have copies of the same thing on different layers for material purposes. the model is far from 0,0,0. I'll drag it over to the origin and see if that helps. Thanx. I love Flamingo nXt!

dragging the model to the origin worked. looks awesome again. nXt is awesome!




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