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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

update keeps alerting me even after 5 update installs

Hi Scot or  any other...

Installed nXt; updated but after updating and downloading the same update file 3 or 4 times now   nXt keeps alerting me for the critical update

Service Releases

Service releases for Flamingo nXt.
You have build 11-Sep-2012.

A new build is available for download.

Download 9/28/2012 now.

downloaded and executed this file 3x now 

nXt10_Patch_Release_x64_20120911 (3)

any suggestions? or is the 9/28/2012 an older one (as i guess by date)  but wy keeps alerting me?


John Greiner / Steelfish

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see alerter image

Hi John,

same here. There is a release candidate from 12/06/2012 on the download page, so they are probably working on it.



We are working on it. You guys can help. 

I just posted a new service release build at this address:


Can you download and give it a try. 

If you guys like it, we will release it to the wider public.

Hi Scott,

just installed it both on WindowsXP 32 and on Windows 7 64 without any problems. 

Thanks a lot,


Hi Scott

Just installed, no problems encountered, works like a dream

Just did this render 50 passes. as a newbie i must say that im happy with the program although i just cant get the steering wheel black  (same material allocated as the rubber fendering at the sides, tried it with just black, and variuos materials and layers  it just stays gray, i suspect it catcehs to much light...?

Just wondering is a post processing update to be seen for example the wires & text? would be nice to split them sometimes its nice to add just some black scetch lines  whithout the surfacecurves

regards John

The steering wheel should go black if you use the Gloss Black in the Marine material folder.

Hi Scott

could it be that the steering wheel isnt rendering because of the command created with it because i have it in every model nothing gives a color even rusted metal and plain colors or whatever i try.

Steering wheel created with the solid / pipe command around a cirkelcurve ?


I made a new steer, this whas a copy from motherfile, everything works now, still funny it didnt work

regards John



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