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I am trying to get a handle on using the unwtrap tool in rhino 5, but something seems to be wrong.  After getting my parts to line up in the UVeditor, the decal appears on the parent parts perfectly.  When I hit 'apply', it renders out as though nothing was there.  Am I missing a step?  In the properties menu it appears as map channel 1 and custom mapping.  However when I assign a material it still has the odd seams that I was hoping to avoid.  Any ideas?

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Yes, the unwrap tool should work, but there are some other setups you may need to do.

  1. Go to object properties.
  2. Select the object
  3. Pick on the Flamingo properties button
  4. In the mapping drop down select Surface

Now when you render it should show the Rhino 5 custom mapping.

Which material are you using?  A Rhino material?  Can you send a model?



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