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Where is the documentation for these?

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Carl -

Texture sets are documented here:


And the Texture properties are at the bottom of this page:


Based on you questions here though, I bet you have other questions on these areas.  Please ask them here and I can try to answer them.

Are the docs going to be updated to reflect how these things are used not just what they are? The current docs are very good and easy to follow until You get to this stage, explaining this stuff would have saved Me two emails already.

In "texture set" You can use multiple maps is this true for "advanced" and what map is the "advanced" window referring to? the one on the previous main "window" that already has umpteen settings assigned to it? I don't "get it".

We do like to update the Help files based on questions people ask.  Sometimes it is difficult for us to tell where the information is lacking.

NXT has one material definition.  This definition is graphically displayed through the New Advanced Material template. All of the other material types are simply dialogs which show a reduced interface. The Texture Set material interface is the improtant interface controls into the advanced material when wanting to create a multi-layered material.

IN a multi-layered material, you probably will use multiple textures.  In the advanced material editiro, each texture has it own properties.  The properties for each texture is split into two panels, Main and Advanced.  The idea behind the two panel is based on usage.  The settings in the Main tab are the most common settings. The Advanced setting are the properties which are not used often.

In your case, where you are using multi-layered materials you start to work with both panels. Normally we will have one Texture that is the Diffuse Color, another texture that is used for Bump /Normal mapping.  Less common is a texture for a Specular map or a Displacement Map.

Does this help.

This fabric texture is one of my favorites to show the results:

Here is the same material, but shown in the Advanced Editor:



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