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After this last update I´we been getting this error many times. Sometimes i can save the image if I resume rendering and then stop it again and save, sometimes not..

Had this same broblem in some version of nxt about a year ago.


Any Idea what´s the broblem now?




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Hi!, I have the same problem I have 32 bit - Rhino 4, with the latest updates, and I cant save my render, it also apears the "Unable tu create save botmap", and y can save it just by pressing Print Screen.... any solutions?? THANKS!

Mariana -


If you try and save the image as a different file type? What type of file you are trying to save as?


We have seen on some machines that certain file formats are a problem.


Thank you,

The problem is that when I clik SAVE, it appears the "unable to create save bitmap", it never open the box of saving as...

I was doing ok, until I install the last NXT update, Or tell me how can I return to the last update before this last one??

We found a problem here related to this.


If you hit the stop button one time and wait for the end of a pass, then you will be able to save.  If you hit the stop button twice, the render will stop immediately and you will not be able to save.  This is a bug.


To work around this, there are two options:

1) Only hit the stop button once and wait until the end of the pass.

2) Hit resume rendering and then hit stop once and wait to end of pass. This you can do without restarting the rendering.


We will figure out how to get this fixed.

Hi to everybody!

I've just the same problem, after the last upgrade of nxt I cannot save the render. Any solution you have proposed on these posts doesn't worked on my files..

I generally don't use the stop rendering button. So I don't think it's related in my case..

I'm using rhino 4 on a 32-bit, but the scene is really simple, I've also tried with a simple surface just to verify it's not a file problem. I can save only hdr.

help! I'm running out of options..




Can you save Native NXT image.  You can open that in the NXT image editor and save it as a PNG or a JPG.


We are still trying to determine the problem with this.

Maybe another clue. I have a Rhino file that's only 1/2 a meg and I can't always save the image. I'm using R4 with nXt.

Paul -


Did you try to save in all the formats?  Do any formats save?

It doesn't give you a chance to change format. It just says "Unable to create save bitmap"

BTW, I'm using 32bit.



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