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I just reinstalled latest Rhino v5.0 and nXt.

Now for reason or another I cannot access/assign/edit materials via layers. It appears that currently only way to assign materials to objects is by dragging the material from Control Panel Materials section directly to object.

So in other words:

- assigning/accessing materials to/via layers doesn't work

- assigning/accessing  material to/via object properties doesn't work

This is highly annoying and I never had this happen with the WIP versions. Could you please look into this urgently? And is anyone else experiencing similar behaviour?

Please see the attached files for further info (hardware config is partially in Finnish, but the relevant jargon part is same in any language).



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I have been testing this.  On the copy of Rhino I have, there are many ways material assignment is working.  But, there have been many changes in this area.  So, if I could get more information, perhaps we can zero in on the problem.

1) How are you assigning materials to the layers?  Are you right clicking on the material?  or are you right clicking on the Layer?  What do you do after this?

2) When assigning a material to the object, are you assigning a material from a material in material library in the upper panel, or lower panel?  I noticed a bug here.  I had to hit the Plug-in checkbox twice to get it to show the browse button.

Having to hit the plug in check box twice to show the browse button in the object window has changed 2 (Flamingo) versions ago. At nearly the same time Rhino 5 changed version.

Clicking the circular (check box?) behind the layer name in the layer window works, but changed. You now have to click a check box "Plug ins" in the lower left corner to browse materials ( Layer Material window). Dragging materials to the circle in the layer window or to objects works as usual.


Arthur - 

Yes, I am also seeing these problems also.  i think this is Rhino 5 problem.  i will get it on the list to get fixed.

Sorry for late reply. I had to get some stuff done so went back on last WIP-version, which solved most of the problems...

1. I usually just left click directly to Material-column on the Layers-window. No right-clicking involved.

2. I rarely use that option. I model mostly spaces/buildings and build/divide the model by materials and assign them by layer for consistant control.

I'll have another try with the beta during next days and see how it goes and post feedback here.

Me to - same problems.



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