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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

some one can tell me how do i render jewelry with diamond

i would like to pay for online training


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I would start with this thread.  It seems we were able to make some progress:


Hi Scott,

I am new to nxt and actually new to rendering.

I work with jewelry using rapid prototyping and casting, and all together I try to avoid rendering as much as possible, as I have no problems visulalising jewels diectly from Rhino,as well as most of my professional clients.

However, I recognise, that in order to adress less "gifted" clients, rendering is a powerful communication tool.

Rhino has become a prime jewelry modelling tool.

NXT is made for Rhino, so...

So.. I was looking for an EASY way to translate the rhino drawing to a jewelry image understood by non professional clients.

I honestly think, that the results for diamond rendering  as shown on this forum, are poor and complicated to achieve.

The tread that is linked to, is old, and does not in my view give a real solution to the very very basic demand for decent  rendering of diamonds and other gems.

The diamonds are dull and lack the sparkling essentials.

Here is room for improvement

Maybe a start could be providing a gem folder in the default material library.

If special HDRI's are needed, join them as well. Just to show, that it's actually being taken seriously.

Next, a great tutorial would be nice, to show that it is possible and easy to render jewelry with gems, showing the small hints to make things neat.



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