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Help needed: GI indoor scene - what settings to use?

Are there anyone who would like to share a scene setup that practically just mimics the basic monte carlo global illumination setup so popular before anyone could do a GI render.

I need diffuse white lightning and the documentation isn't too good I must say.
I've got years of experience with vray under 3dsmax, but setting up a scene in rhino and nxt that gives me soft shadows without a whole lot of fuss is seemingly impossible.

How many passes are enough?

My scene is very simple, nothing heavy, but this just takes ages.

Right now I'm trying a rectangular light as a ceiling but that isn't really working out that well.

I've tried outdoor settings, color as sky you name it.

Where are the good tutorials? 


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It's early in the morning here, and im kind of tired so forgive me if i miss understand

You want a lighting set up that creates very soft shadows with a lot of diffused white light?

I downloaded some studio hdri's but they all had black spots(cameras + things in the backgound) so i edited one in photoshop to basicly be a big white diffuse light box and i just use the default ground plane, and it creates a setup that looks like a studio shot done on light gray background, using this HDRI i don't need to add any extra lights and it creates nice soft shadows.

Here's a link for studio stlye HDRI

and larger versions


My edited version is number 13 from the second link and with the camera covered with the same background as around it, it's 20 megs so i can't upload it here, but if you want it let me know

Hopefully this helps and is what you're looking for. If not feel free to ignore me and carry on with your day.

Hi Mr. Smith

Close but not quite, what I'm looking for is the correct way of setting up the render so that render times don't go through the roof.  I need simple soft shadows such as these:

I do want this kind of whitewalled lightning setup, just don't think that using a hdri environment will speed up anything. I've been trying different environment options such as: simple color, basic environment etc. everything is waaaaaaay to slow for me.

I really appreciate your help though ;)


Hopefully someone can help you a bit more than i was. 

How slow are your renders taking? It may be because of your system specs?

In order for me to do a decent render, 300dpi 5inx5in, takes me about 20-30 mins.For excellent quality i'd leave it for longer, but i don't need it that good most of the time. But i am running a 6 core processor with 8gigs of ram at work.

i7-2620 m @2.7Ghz + 8GB Ram

1500x800px: at 10 minutes it's not even looking decent.

I think it has to do with reflections/caustics.

thats kinda odd.it might be because you only have 2 cores, i remember reading an someone said the more cores you have the faster it is.

If you want you can post the file and i could give it a go on my machine or you could post a picture so we can have a look at it?


Found the quote

Hyperthreading won't make much difference to nXt (or any other parallel raytracer (it does make a little difference, perhaps on the order of 10%)).  A good rule of thumb for estimating performance is to multiply the actual number of cores by the clock speed.  For example, this machine is a 12-core AMD with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz.  This yields an index of 12 * 2.4 = 28.8.  A dual i7 running at 3 GHz has an index of 8 * 3 = 24.

Remember, this is intended only as a rule of thumb.  Actual results may vary.

I know hyperthreading is a fad, believe me :)

Comparing clock speed and core numbers makes no sense I'm sorry.
It's like comparing apples to oranges. 

If you want a comparison that is of any use use a standardized scene and render it.
This has been the normal practice with vray for years now. 

Other than that you'd have to use something like SPECfp.

I can't upload the scene as it's clients project.



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