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I have a curly question for all you flamingo masters out there regarding transparencies In textured materials.

in the included rendered image you can see the the middle chair has clear transparent holes that allow the background to be clearly visible through the holes.

In the chairs either side on the middle chair you can see the holes don't allow the background to be clearly visible. I need them to display the background as the middle chair dose..... been stuck on this for 2 days now.

I have uploaded my Rhino 5 model to dropbox so you can download it and see how i have constructed the materials. here is the link https://dl.dropbox.com/u/32627662/Transparencies%20In%20Textured%20... 

any help greatly accepted. 

also included are some of the masks I have used. 

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The blend material will manage between two materials, using black as one material and white as another material. In the case of the material you are using, think about it as 3 materials.  There is the Gap between the weave, the vertical weave, the horizontal weave. 

Here is an example how I setup the material.

1) Use a bitmap that has white for the gaps and black for all the weave.  Here is an example:

2) Then add this as a top level blend material:

3) The Second in this material will be the clear gaps.  Set transparency to 1, Index of Refraction to 0 and the color to completely white.  The result will be a material that is a clear gap.

4) In the First level, set you black and white WebbingMask file.  This will allow you to set the Vertical and horizontal weave patterns.

Does this help? 



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