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The latest beta (28) is dropping a file on my desktop.

When I open Rhino 5 (with nXt set as the default renderer) a file named "BrowserBackground.png" is being dropped onto my desktop. If I delete it, it shows up again next time. I suspect this file was supposed to go somewhere else but ends up on the desktop by mistake.



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Im getting this with Rhino 4 Sr9 as well.
Hello, sorry about that, there was a bit of debugging code that did not get removed in that build.  The code has been removed and there will be a new build available this afternoon.

Hi there,

Just checking but flamingo is still dropping this file on my desktop right?

This has been fixed but the updated Flamingo does not appear to have been posted.  The product manager is on vacation today but I will see what I can do to get it posted, if I can't get it today I will make sure he posts it on Monday.
I am uploading new installers now to http://download.mcneel.com/s3/mcneel/flamingo/nxt/wip/en/nXt10_en-u... and http://download.mcneel.com/s3/mcneel/flamingo/nxt/wip/en/nXt10_en-u..., the update page should be fixed tonight or tomorrow.



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