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I am new to Flamingo and just wondering if there's a way to preview mapping and tiling on the actually model in viewport? I am in Architecture and without the ability to preview the mapping on an object would be extremely difficult for us to adjust the setting out / size of tiles and cladding etc.

Is this an obvious function I have overlooked, either in rhino display setting or inside flamingo? thanks!

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in Flamingo v2 there is a command as follows…



Yes, there was.  The new way will be much better, but it will take a bit of time to implement.


I've been using Flamingo since its inceptions years ago and I never knew about this feature ...
It even maps the decals ! .

I rarely use textured materials because of the type of models I build (shipbuilding). (see attached, some details have been blurred out)
The textures I use are usually big decals to show say, all the paint scheme on the hull, symbols, paint stripes, ship name etc. and applied to the hull in profile port and stbd (2 mirrored decals)  or for the wooden deck details, hatches etc with some color and bump effect.  It always has worked fine.  The only issue was always the inability to preview the decals/maps in Flamingo rendered viewport.  Also, I never knew or bother to learn how to create unwrapped maps which it looks like this is what this command generates ! 

Interestingly enough, even if I delete the generated maps from disk, the rendered viewport still shows them ... I guess they end up embedded with the model file?

The question now is, can I use now this unwrapped texture to apply it back onto the object and get rid of the decal?  What mapping coordinates should I use it with? Obviously not planar (x-z),  ... should I leave the default (surface mapping)?  I tried today but I haven't been able to do it.  Do I chose the mapping with the object properties menu item "texture mapping" (used with the native Rhino render engine) or the "Flamingo" menu item?  I find it very confusing ...

Your help would be very much appreciated


If you tell Flamingo to use "Surface" mapping, then NXT will look at the mapping of Rhino 5 puts on the object.

With NXT is pointed at Rhino 5's mapping, you will be able to use Rhino 5's texture unwrapping code. This part of Rhino 5 is very new so it is not completely refined. So, you are on the bleeding edge here.  Things such as decal preview are still under construction in Rhino 5, so we have been avoiding it.  It is part of the goal in the future.

Here is a general overview of Unwrapping:  http://worldorigin.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/uv-mapping-explained-36/

Using unwrapping brings its own complications.  It is not clear that it is any better then using decals in NXT for some situations.

Does this make it a bit clearer?

Thanks Scott,

But I am using Rhino 4 and the old Flamingo 2 !  But the preview still seems to work ... I'm not even talking about Rh 5 or Fl nxt ...  which I'm sure it will be great.  However I'm working only with the tools my company provides me with.

Still not sure whether I can wrap the generated map back onto the hull.  I tried to make a material in Flamingo with the map and set the 'Flamingo' mapping to surface but the map doesn't render or preview.  Nevermind, at least I can use the feature to preview my decals in render viewport mode.


Did you solve this?

If you mean "can Rhino preview decals and Flamingo textures more accurately in the viewport"-- we're working on a version that will do this.  Still a few months away.  That version will likely include a near realtime render preview window as well-- similar to nXt Studio.

I probably should have been more specific. I was referring to this comment from the OP "just wondering if there's a way to preview mapping and tiling on the actually model in viewport?"

But what you're describing sounds pretty exciting. Any idea when it's rolling out?

We've got a minor SR scheduled for early next week.  It won't address any of these issues but it will clear our plates enough to begin work on this project.  We are planning a V5 release of the thing.  We should have a WIP available in a few months. 



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