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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Just need some help with texture mapping. Got a sphere and I wants a seamless pattern to be applied. Its a golf ball and i have the map but the result is not what i want.

Can someone walk me through this please.

Thank you.


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Hi Simon, That just wont work. I would suggest you to model the holes in this case.

You have to design the texture, so when you appply it to a sphere, when compressing in the poles the result is the hole size you need, I dont think that is possible in this case.



Thats what i thought. Thank you.

Is it possible if i made a net shape of the sphere and applied the dimples to it. Will the mapping work?

Hi Simon, you probably need someting like this:

and you place it as UV Map.. "net shape" do you mean mesh?

texture found here

Any idea how to apply this texture onto a sphere?

I am trying Flamingo nxt mapping. but result is not what i expected.

Try Adding this as Flamingo nXt Decal (in surface's Properties)



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