Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

2h00 on default render

the sea is too blue reflect at sky hdri... for place the model in background, perhaps see it in placement image as chinese shadow....and draw the line to join the groundplane and background... it's just ideas

why I have artefacts when the sun is activated ?

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I really like the 3rd rendering of the aft port side of the yacht.  What are your burn settings for this?


Some notes on marine renderings:


There is a marine material folder included in Flamingo NXT,  These include the materials I use for marine renderings.  Hull paint and gelcoat are two key materials I use.


For an HDRI I like to use Mt. Monadnock.  You can set saturation on the HDRI panel to control the amount of blue light coming into the scene.  Also, on the the render window you can control the saturation of the rendering under adjust image.  The saturation can go above 1.


If you are going to use sun and sky for marine images, then I would put the sun on one channel and the sky on another.  After rendering you can adjust the relative strength of the two. I also would not have the sun coming in over the shoulder of the camera.  I would swing it far to the left or right.  This will bring a more dynamic play of shadows, reflection and bright sunlight.  I normally do not use the sun and sky for yacht exteriors, I find HDRIs work well.


Last, have you tried pathtracer?  The path tracer can do some neat things with the indirect lighting on these boats.

is a technique I use often when I have to overlap text and image ... it goes better .... I change the color of the sea, and I lower the sky by saturating the sun in control image or vice versa .... I have a doubt ...
I send you the ntxfile to boatmer (image 03)

Yes, I received the boatmer file.  There are a few places I might try to change.


Are you running with Sun Highlight on?  I would try and set that to 0.  The bright spots on the chrome and parts of the boat are due to that highlight we think.


The sun intensity has been turned to 10 and the HDRI intensity turned to 200.  I would try sun intensity of 1 and HDRI intensity of 20 to help with balance.  I hope that will make the channels a little less sensitive.  Right now, by using the channels you can find a good range, but it is very narrow.


I also noticed along the side of the hull under the side vents the are inside object poking out against from the inside of the hull.  These coincident faces there are actually showing a different material then the hull material.  You may want to remove the faces that share the hull surface.


Is your glass, clear glass, or are you using blurry reflections?  I normally keep reflections clear, but make the glass a little smokey by adding a bit of grey color to the glass. Is the splashguard up on the fly bridge dark black,  or a smokey glass?


Do these changes seem to help?

with path tracer 1h00

transparency and reflects of windows are longtime

path tracer 2h00 with marine material any modification

black artefacts on hight window in side commands... the grain from the shadows near the entrance of the inferior interior is too big and too late (pathtracer grain) as the side window
shadows in general are a little too hard....
Overall a report that is not fine enough for printing out in a catalog and limit screen output... I continue my tests....



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