Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

PC : CPU 5300 Dualcore 2,6 GHz 800MHz- RAM 4GO - VIDEO Nvidia G210

scene : Day with Sun and HDRI MtMonadnock_1.hdr background : Highland-Road_1920x1200_3562.jpg

same params in canals and image

any post traitment

7mn - Default render

7mn - Path Tracer


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use hdri in sky and sun activated

the time I found the correct file because I do a lot of testing on complex materials on the same basis .... and I remember which is right ... lol but it'll do ... (I exchange against the bike with angular blend because I like how you did, if you will)

I sended the model C2.3dm

on default render 6H00 : I wanted to know if it would resolve defects rendering ... and failed

on path render 6H00 : shadow on the body is softer and the transition between the body color and shade is best

Here is a start to a car paint.  I do not know if it is quite right.  I used an angular blend from the base color to black at 90 degrees.  Then I added a granite to emulate metal flake to the inner color.  The metal flake reflects a bright color, in this case yellow.  The granite is a very small scale this makes it look like flake noise.


This is after about 3 minutes with the default render:

There are some interesting dynamics with the material.  I have also attached the material I used. 


I want to play with the flake for a while. I think we can do better with that.


This might be a little better.  This flake material is a high intensity, low sharpness, glossy reflection.



Here is the paint in silver.  There is a little less to work with because of the silver tones.



it's the scene which was with bad params : I tested with your material in studio and it's better : after 1h00


it's not the same output fullscreen : 1490 x 960

what is your machine pc ?

perhaps my materials are too complicated.... I think so it's to configure the scene where I have the more difficults... the sky intensity or saturation and sun intensity or reflects... but I finally understand which it use background advanced....

I currently working on a 17" Macbook Pro with an intel i7 running Bootcamp under Windows 7 64-bit.


Making materials too complicated is very easy to do.  I find myself starting back at the basics when I am experimenting.  There are still many adjustments to be made with this current material without making it more complicated. The highlight intensity and sharpness still could be adjusted.  I have not experimented with spot density.  I also winder if we removed the granite pattern to no emulate metal flake?


I also agree on the lighting setup.  There also, I find myself returning to the basic setups often.  It keeps me from getting to complicated.

I understand why rendered in 3 minutes processor Intel7 not like processor Intel5300....lol

yes it's easy to do complicated when I compare your material and my material...lol...

but it's the scene where is very hard to take good params...between sky and sun, intensity and saturation, reflect... but very interesting...

If I compare to Octane render (gpu render) or Iray, I prefere the flamingo interface because it's more understandable and less expensive (except for Octane $ 99) But in time print on A2 photopaper Flamingo ntx win with rendertime and outprint...

By cons, octane or render iray shows real-time rendering on screen, and can be adjusted every sequence has the customer's request ... it would be best output to three.js (although all functions are not implemented yet) because the 3D web will be any viewer plugin...

Here is a paint simplified.  It is not metallic, but might work in certain situations when the car paint does not need to be so extreme.







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