Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

for see how a hdri lights in sky affect the rendered.... I take a HDRI studio and a HDRI kitchen sphere and I turn to 45° for each image

studio render angular 00°

kitchen render angular 00°

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hdri studio 45°

hdri kitchen 45°

hdri studio 90°

hdri kitchen 90°

hdri studio 135°

hdri kitchen 135°

hdri studio 180°

hdri kitchen 180°

hdri studio 225°

hdri kitchen 225°

hdri studio 270°

hdri kitchen 270°

hdri studio 315°

hdri kitchen 315°


How many pass did you made on these images ?

"studio" gives all the time many reflexions and shadows,I don't like it for that.

Did you try to add one spot ?

Autrement j'habite à deux pas (deux grands pas) de la maison rose... que fais tu à part des rendering avec flamingo nxt ?

kenavo re

10 to 15 passes : render in time : 30mn max



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