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Hello, I have drawn a table lamp with a white cloth shade which I gave white plastic with no transparency material to .I tagged a small sphere for the light bulb and gave the shade a .300 glow . Is there anything else I can do and how do you more experienced folks do lamps with shades where the light comes thru but you can not see the bulb?

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Here is a workup I did on this:

1) Setup.  This is an interior model using the lighting pre-set artificial lighting. It is good to have other objects in the scene.

2) The lightbulb is modeled and tagged as a light source at 250 watt strength.  Its material is default white and no other properties.  The shade is a single surface with a white material.  This material has Transparency of 0.45, Translucency of 0.87 and Blurry Reflection of 0.74.

3) I render the scene using the default render engine.  Here is the result:

4) By increasing the Burn in Adjust Image, we can do a lot with the image.  The image below is about the best for my taste.  This is the best way to get the shade white.  You can infinitely adjust this to see more or less of the lightbulb itself:

5) After adjusting Burn, I then drop down to post process.  I turned on Glare and adjusted the dialog to these settings:

The use photometric checkbox is important.  The final result is here:

I am not sure this is exactly what you are looking for, but perhaps these steps will help.



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