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I'm doing a model of a guitar of Rhino and I'd like to do a "sunburst" paintjob on it when i build it for real. Is there a way to do similar paint job on Flamingo to visualize different color schemes and be able to render the wood texture underneath?

Here's a pic of a typical sunburst paint:

Also is it possible to add different coloring layers on such as a wood stain would do? Ie. I'd like to texture to body with mahogany, then add a red stain on it, then the sunburst coloring and finally a clear coat. Is it possible to layer textures and colors on Flamingo?

Here's quick rendering of the body of the guitar, messed around with the mahogany texture to tint it red...

Thanks in advance =)

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I would approach this with a decal.  Here is my test model:

The decal is applied to the guitar body, using a planar mapping.  In the decal properties I use a reflective finish intensity of 0.5.  Sharpness i left at 1.00.  Here is the decal:

I also used an HDRI that creates nice reflections: powerP2StudioLow.hdr

After rendering, I also set Saturation fo 1.30 in Adjust image.  This will bring out the sunburst color.



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