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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I'm experiencing some really strange "surfaces" in completely straight surfaces, created simply by extruding curves.  They look interesting, but not what we need.  These surfaces don't appear when I switch rendering engines, to Flamingo Raytrace or photometric.  I've played with the lighting environment, mesh settings, etc, with no change.  Help!?


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I can only imagine that this is two surfaces that are coplanar or very close together.

Is the model a long long way from 0,0,0?  It can be a state plane coordinate problem.

You can use the Export Selected command to send us the surfaces. that are in question.

Aha!  You were right -- this was very far from the origin (due to topography modelled from a GIS source).  Putting at 0,0,0 fixed everything.  Many thanks!



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