Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows


I d' like to make spherical hdr images to put in nXt for my scenes.

But could you let me know which kind of soft is used to make that.

Do we use fish-eye apn or chrome ball or is it the soft which do everything?

Thank for your answer.

F. Martin

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Hi Martin,

This topic can get pretty complicated when you start digging into making your own. I learned how from the first edition of the 'HDR handbook' and I'd highly recommend reading it as well as the authors site here... http://www.hdrlabs.com 

The 'equirectangluar' projection is the most widely used by render engines but most will support spherical or light probe as well. For stitching bracketed fish eye photos I like AutoPano Pro but you'll find several options out there to experiment with. The lens, number of shots and complexity of the environment all play a part in what settings will stitch with the least errors. 

I'll offer you one more thought (although you won't need it until you get further into this geeky addiction!)... I have always obtained a much wider dynamic range by rendering out separate panos for each bracket sequence and combining them into an HDR as a separate process with something like Photomatix. 

Have fun, and please share any successes on www.Food4Rhino.com where you'll find some of mine. 

Thank you Brian for your advices and links!

That will really help me in my thought.



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