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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Don't you just HATE spam... !!!!

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Yes.... what is going on here? They're not going to accomplish anything other than annoying people.


I've PM'ed Scott - as soon as he logs on I dare say he'll ban the annoying git - but it's not easy for obvious reasons.
haha, im sure Scott may enjoy it,  it's just what this daft spammer deserves.

The question is:


is "Aleida Williams" a robot program spamming or a really sad git with nothing better to do??

Im going to say Robot, the lack of captcha and the quickness of posting. leads me to believe Robot


Ohh maybe we should start a contest. -- Ok im a little bored

The spammer has been banned.  Sorry, it took a while, I was up hiking over the long weekend and was out of electronics range.



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