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I am trying to create seamless texture patterns on forms with rounded edges. When doing so, the pattern does not look seamless on the rounded edge unless I move the objects in Rhino. Shown above, you can see the original object (bottom) and shifted object (top). The top shape has the same pattern applied, but looks more seamless from this angle. Is this the only solution, or is there a setting I can adjust in Flamingo nXt Decal properties?

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This is actually a tough mapping to solve.  I use Rhino 5 and many of the new mapping tools. The process has many steps.  But, from I can tell, this is the best we can do.

Here are the steps I take:

1) We will use a Custom Mapping object in Rhino 5.  TO create the custom mapping object I duplicate the bottom edge of the extrusion object.  I then Curve Offset that edge so that I can see it outside the obejct we are rendering. You can see the curve at the bottom of the object.

2) That curve has very different parameterisation along it length.  I use the rebuild command to create a curve that has even distribution of points.  Use more points then you think you need.  I used about 150.  You can see the point distribution is even.

 3) Then you can extrude that curve.  The resulting surface also need even parameterisation, so I run Reparameterize with the Automatic option.  The resulting surface i use as a Custom Mapping Object in Rhino 5s Mapping panel.  This is the Rubber Duck icon.

4) To get Flamingo NXT to see the Rhino 5 mapping, I go to the Flamingo NXT mapping types and set it to Surface.

5) Then in the Rhino 5 mapping I set the UVW tiling to look the way I want.  In order to make it work right, you do need to know that the box has a height to width ration.  In my case the perimeter o fthe box to its height is 1 :: 9.232.  So I mad the tiling always have a ratio of 1 to 9.323.  You can see the results above.



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