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I was able to use flamingo nxt till yesterday. However now rhino shuts down as soon as I open. If I uninstall flamingo nxt, rhino works. But when I install it again, rhino doesn't work. What do you think the problem is?

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Please make sure you have the most recent Rhino.  To do this, go to the help pulldown and select Check for updates.  This will help.

Did something change yesterday such as installing a Rhino or Flamingo nXt update?  We need to figure out if it is a problem with an old Flamingo with a new Rhino or the other way around.

It would also be helpful to send the crash files from your desktop when Rhino crashes so I can take a look at them.

Dear All,

Thank you for suggestions. I solved the problem by following below steps:

1- I downloaded the latest version of flamingo nXt

2- I loaded the program,

3- I opened Rhino 4 with "repair" command from the control panel.

4- I opened rhino 5 with "repair" command from the control panel.

5- I loaded Flamingo 2

Now all programs are working.



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