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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

i can't see the decal after i place it. I have to edit it to see it again. makes it extremely difficult to place multiple decals on the same surface. can anyone help?

i currently use keyshot v3 with Rhino - but its frustrating to having to keep updating the materials every time i change something in the model but the interactive display and ease of use is excellent. it would be great to have this sort of interactive rendered preview in Rhino for Flamingo.

decal is missing in render preview?

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Decal preview is coming in the next version of NXT Rhino 5.  We are just getting Rhino 5 into a position to show Decals.  We are just seeing Rhino 5 settle down in this area.  We are starting to look at this for a Rhino 5 only version of Flamingo.

What about "textured" materials? Will they view properly in Rhino5 any time soon? 

At some point they will.  I am not sure an exact date. 

We are currently working on a version that will do this, although there are a few challenges that will complicated the process.  We will see as we move forward with the project.



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