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Is there an image size limit when rendering files?  Is the software limiting me or is the CPU the limiting factor? I'm working with a 120mb file on a XP, Core 2 Duo 1.66gHz w/ 2mb of ram , 32 bit, running Rhino 4 and Flamingo nXt.  I seem to be limited to saving images that are no larger than 2800px x 2250px.  If I save a close up detail view I have to drop back t 2200px wide.  If I go larger than the 2800 it goes through the render process but gives me a blank window at the end and saves an empty file.  With Flaming 2 I was able to save larger files, 3200-3800 wide, that we use for large displays.

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ned to update my computer.

A Major -

When you are on a 32-bit machine, there is a hard limit of 2 GB.  This limit can be raised to 3 GB by a boot-up hack:


But, in the end, there is still a limit.  NXT does take a larger memory footprint then Flamingo 2 did.  This means there is less room for higher resolution renderings.

Rhino 5 on a 64-bit machine will remove these memory limitations.

Many times we can offset the larger footprint in NXT, by being more efficient with the Render mesh settings in Rhino 4.  What type of model are you rendering, perhaps I can recommend some settings.



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