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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Anybody have any ideas how I would go about this?

I tried rendering 6 square views (compass corners + up + down) to form a box with 90deg field of view. Although the geometry lines up correctly, the tones and lighting are inexact and leave lines in my final image.

Of course I could use more renders and use stitching software intended for photography but this seems clumsy and imprecise.

I'm wondering if there's some way to render a single image that results in a full 360deg view.

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Here's a link to an example that shows the problem:


Hi Ryan,

I see what you mean, sadly I have not solution for it but appreciate what you are trying to do and would be interested to know how to achieve that.

What do you use to put it together in the webpage?

Thanks M

One way to put panoramics on a webpage can be through a java applet called PTVIEWER? If I recall, it requires little more than uploading the files to a webserver and making the requisite coding to HTML.

As for stitching, maybe look into Microsoft PhotoSynth service?

Mash I used an inexpensive program from ImmerVision... I'm lead to understand that Apple has basically discontinued support for QTVR, so I wanted something that has Java and Flash viewer options.


I too will be interested if you find a solution to this. I work for a marine engineer company - this could be very useful.

Somebody replied with this on the Rhino newsgroup:

It's a "lens" setting, in V5 anyway you can use the properties panel on a
viewport and change the lens from "perspective" to...I guess you'd say
"spherical" or "Env mapper."

Just to note the "lens" panel isn't available unless you're using a renderer
that supports it, like Brazil.


James Carruthers
Hydraulic Design

I've been looking for this feature as well. Vray has a nice 360 projection camera that creates these. I played with it a little bit but I really don't want to use a different engine just for one effect. It would be great to be able to get a 360 projection out of flamingo.

I agree.




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