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Greetings Fellows Flamingo Users

I am currently rendering a pipe like object where ideally I would like to get a chrome/stainless steel/polished aluminum look on the internal pipe surfaces. I have been experimenting with materials, lights, reflective panels etc  but seemingly without much success. While I don’t expect anyone to do it for me it would certainly be appreciated if anyone has done anything similar and can offer any suggestions/advice/etc. I have attached an image file of the pipe as well as the Rhino/flamingo model file (beta 5 version)

Many thanks


Chris Halliday

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The internal pipe surface is going black because the number of reflected bounces is limited to 3 by default.  From this view an eye ray will jump into the pipe and bounce back and forth a couple times, only to die in the pipe.  This results in black.  If you change the view to look down the pipe, you can see it makes a world of difference.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Go to the Render Tab and hit Advanced.  Set Reflections to 16
  2. Change the view to look down the pipe a bit more, giving the ray a hope to bounce out.
  3. The Mesh is a bit rough.  Go to Tools > Options > Mesh.  Go to Advanced, detailed controls.  Set minimum initial grid quads to 500.  Set Max angle to 10.

Greetings Scott

Thanks very much for this, its exactly what I want

Most appreciated


Chris Halliday



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