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I've been using nXt with no issues for a while. However, it's suddenly playing up a LOT since the latest download. My main issue is that when I add a new material to a model, it takes on the properties of whatever material I previously used, and even though it displays as the new material, the software appears to treat it as the old one. I also can't use the dropdown material tree; the program just stops responding when I try to open it. 

For an example of the first issue. I just pulled "Oak- white- polished" into my material list. I then proceeded to pull smooth glass, anodised alum, stainless screen, ceramic tiling and roofing slate into the list as well. I just tried double-clicking on the smooth glass, though, and the modification window that opened was for "Oak-white-polished". 

This is a real nuisance, as I'm now limited to whatever material I add to the model first. Is there something wrong with my setup or is it a problem with the software?

I have attached a screenshot. As you can see, stainless screen is highlighted because that's what I clicked on, but the open window is for oak. 



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'double dragging' material into the pallet works..! This is a workaround that has been working for now.

-drag in a new material (it will probably replace some other one without you knowing)

-then drag in the same material a 2nd time.

-confirm when it prompts you to replace material.

Same issues here! 

Drag a new material in and create new material both get messed up. Assign by layer and assign to selected also have the same poor results.  The Material Pallet shows one thing, but when you apply or edit the material it's totally different.   The video by Kelleher is exactly what is happening. 

It gets complicated because there are so many ways to control display/render color.

shaded / rhino-render / NXT-render / layer color / Layer Material / color by parent... There's too many variables and the interface gets confusing.  I hope these bugs get fixed because NXT saves a lot of time by not having to export to other render software.

I just released a new Flamingo NXT beta build.  We added a feature to try and track this problem with material switching.  Please download and install this build 43 from 3-26-2012.  Then follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the watch feature by typing "FlamingoNXTDebugOptions" at the command line.
  2. In this dialog check the "Validate material ID's when adding"
  3. This option will watch each time you add a material.  The first time you get a message about duplicates, please tell us what you were doing right before.

In all cases so far this problem seems to show up after working on the model for quite a long time.  WE are trying to determine at what point the problem actually shows up.

This one has been a real challenge to track.

If I do this, rhino crashes after making a second material. If I don´t do this command, I cant make any new materials cause all the previous materials changes to something else..

Rhino 4, Win 7 32bit

For what It's worth I'm seeing the same issue with the 3-26 build in v4 and v5.

It also happens when creating new materials. you can create the material as usual but if you try to edit or use it it comes up as the previous material.

Have you had a chance to set the variable in the newest build that will give you messages about the problem?  A couple replies above this one details the steps.

I tired running the FlamingoNXTDebugOptions command and it doesn't seem to make a difference. I just added a material to a file that had been open overnight and it shows the thumbnail in the control panel but when you click on or assign the material it's has the previous materials properties

Interesting that you left it open overnight! I've always started to have problems when I try to add new materials about a day after adding the original set. If time is a feature here could explain why reproducing the issue in new models is difficult.

Time is definately a factor in this problem.  That is why it is so difficult to track down.  I have reports of working on the model to 3 hours or more, then it happens.

Unfortunately I've just had the issue again. I did not have the debug command on, as I'd done it in the last model and forgotten to do it again. I turned it on as soon as I realised, but it was probably too late... It's now switching materials wrongly still, but I'm not getting any messages. I'm so irritated at myself that I didn't have it turned on in this model. The one where I had it turned on is still working fine, five days or so down the line. 

New development- my new problem is that I can't add materials to the model. I can't drag them from the list to the palette. This is the model I referenced above- I saved it in a new name and reopened it, and that sorted the wrong material assignments, but now I'm getting an error message when I try to add any materials to the palette. I'm attaching the error messages to this letter. 


We finally figured this out.  The problem is after using the Clipboard to Copy and paste objects that have NXT materials assigned to them the Material Table gets confused.  After the Copy and Paste, subsequent new materials are confused.  

If possible, use the standard Copy command in Rhino.  This avoids the problem.  We will be able to fix this in short order now that we have found the problem.



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