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I've been using nXt with no issues for a while. However, it's suddenly playing up a LOT since the latest download. My main issue is that when I add a new material to a model, it takes on the properties of whatever material I previously used, and even though it displays as the new material, the software appears to treat it as the old one. I also can't use the dropdown material tree; the program just stops responding when I try to open it. 

For an example of the first issue. I just pulled "Oak- white- polished" into my material list. I then proceeded to pull smooth glass, anodised alum, stainless screen, ceramic tiling and roofing slate into the list as well. I just tried double-clicking on the smooth glass, though, and the modification window that opened was for "Oak-white-polished". 

This is a real nuisance, as I'm now limited to whatever material I add to the model first. Is there something wrong with my setup or is it a problem with the software?

I have attached a screenshot. As you can see, stainless screen is highlighted because that's what I clicked on, but the open window is for oak. 



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I've just made a video of my wrestling with materials that kept turning into one another. I think it illustrates very well what's happening. Unfortunately it's too large to upload here, so I'll post it on youtube. The link is: http://youtu.be/ZJcUG8_LJC0 and it's a private video, so you won't find it without the link...

It's uploading right now (8:30 pm ET), but it'll take about 45 minutes.

NOTE- All materials except the leather and the blue paint were added 1 week ago or so. I added the leather today, and the blue paint five minutes later; then I noticed the rendering issues had started again so I made the video.

I have added your video and created a bugtrack item so developers can check this. I need your mail so they can contact you directly. please send it to facundo@mcneel.com

Jack -

Thank you for the video.  Could we have the car file you are showing. We see the material problem in the video, but would like to inspect the material data with our programming tools. Can you send the file with the mixed up material to scottd@mcneel.com?

Absolutely. There's two mixed-up materials in there now: leather and red paint, both of which think they're blue paint. 

Unfortunately the file is too large to email. I'm  using wetransfer.com instead- it'll send you a notification in a few minutes and you'll be able to download the file.

I did get the file.  Thank you.  Did this file you sent me have the leather material you show in the video in it?

It should be there, midway down the list- it's rendering as blue paint now though. 

New discovery- if I drag a material in and it takes on the wrong characteristics, and then I drag the same one in again, I am asked whether I want to replace the existing one. If I choose yes, the material then works. 

I am having a similar problem. the trouble is when there are new materials added to model and if i make custom materials such as a wood texture would appear as wood in the preview but under properties it say it is brushed aluminum.

Hi there,

I am also having the same problem and wondering if the issues have been fixed or if there is anything I can do in the mean time as it is making my work day quite frustrating.


Erika -

Normally if you drag the material from the material library into the material list a second time, and tell it to replace the existing material, then the problem fixes itself.  You can also save and open the model.

Now, most people here only get the problem after working on the model for an extended period of time.  We have not been able to find a model in which it happens every time we drag a material.  This is making it difficult to find the problem.  We are working with Jack directly to see if we can catch the error in the act of messing up materials.



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