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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows


I'm trying to create a diamond material to render a gem, but the result is not too much good (sure, is for my experience). May you help me?



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First off While checking your Gem model i noticed that it's just stuck into the pendant, you need a seat cut for it.and second they are slightly different, such is life, heres 2 images the first one with your model in the pendant and the second one with mine




It is possible to do the random plane idea, but I do not think it is necessary. I would look to change the refractive environment under Environment tab > Advanced.  Set the Refracted to an HDRI with lots of colors.  I used the interior of St. John's Cathedral. The more stain glass the better.  I also set the instensity to 1.3.  You can play with that.


I also have been using a new HDRI for the main lighting called powerP2StudioLow.hdr.  It works great for cars and jewelry.

I've only edited HDRI, i've never made one, is it possible to make one out of a Jpeg(i know probably not because it needs multiple exposures) But i found this image, and it may provide the colour needed for diamonds



Just for the refractions?


where can i get a copy of your HDRI? because it looks very nice!

I used this HDRI as my main light:



For refrection I used the ST john's from here:



The exploding swirls might work.  It may be too much.

Once Again i can't respond to the latest reply, But thank you for the Link to the HDRI's that Brilliant. I appreciate it.


The Swirls may be too much but i think it may be worth a try, but first i must learn how to Make HDRI's from a single JPEG if thats even possible.

This is after all the hints and tips. Looks great. There is depth and also contrast in the refraction. The HDRI in the lighting and refractions are the critical parts.  The refraction image gives you that scatter of colour.
The way to fake a HDRI is to open the jpeg and create 2 others by altering the levels and curves to create the over and under exposed version. I know its not the greatest way of doing it but without being physically there to take the image. its the only way. Thanks for everyone's help, will try it over the weekend.

to make a HDRI :

take a good photo or wallpaper. Open in photo editor (gimp)

1: save the same with an another name : for example : namephoto 00.jpg

2 : ajust levels to positive exposition and save namephoto-02.jpg

3 : ajust levels to negative exposition and save namephoto-03.jpg

4 : Upload qtpfsgui (free) and install


5 : It is used to create the HDR with 3 images that you just saved. Just follow the instructions.

Quality HDR will be according to the settings. It is commonly accepted that it is an underexposure and overexposure to -2 to +2. it will never have the image quality saved in RAW or HDR directly, but it is a satisfactory workaround.




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