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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows


I'm trying to create a diamond material to render a gem, but the result is not too much good (sure, is for my experience). May you help me?



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i think your material is just fine, you should try to put it in context, with lights and stuff to reflect if you just leave it with a gray background you won't get the appeareance you want.
Hi Rafael!

I have the same problem to render my jewells. The diamonds haven't a good fire and dispersion.
I'm learning the program and I hope find a good solution.
I also suggest trying a different HDRI map. The light reflections will help. Although you may need to photoshop the levels a bit to putt out the details a bit more. My first thought would be to try an HDRI with a lot of light elements in it like what I have attached
Any head way in this topic? Currently i am just getting really dark diamond with no reflection and refraction. Any suggestions?
In the environment tab, at the bottom click in "No Transparent Object Alpha"  Does that make a difference?

Hi Scott,

I cant seem to find it. Should i be looking in this window? 

But this is what i have done by changing the background to "Planar HDR"

A better outcome but still doesnt have that sparkle to it. Any suggest in using the "post effects"?

What version of Nxt are you using?


I've been trying to get the Fire of a Diamond into a material for a while now, with little success, I've got quite a few that could pass as gems but the fire is always a problem


It looks like your material is too clear at the moment. Try adding some Translucency and Dispersion?

See attached Images the top Left is glass and the others are Custom ones ive made. definatly not diamonds but they do look more real~ish



if we could have multiple reflection colours for one material it may be possible, but that's a long shot i think. Im still working on it off and on.

Whoops i used my studio HDR, theres no contrast in that one, If i have time later i'll re do them






I have been adding some saturation and burn to my images using the Adjust Image panel in the render window.  Have you tried this on your images?


I find it can make the rendering just a bit more dramatic.

Oh yes it definatly can here's the same image with 2.0 Sat and .07 Burn



But for diamonds it's the problem of the refraction within the diamond can be all colours at once, and trying to replicate it can be very difficult, luckly my custom gems are doing perfectly fine to get the idea across and this is just something im working on in my spare time


heres a very saturated image of the fire of a diamond from


Under very favorable, high contrast white illumination, the ideal cut diamond is capable of emitting fire from every facet of its crown.






You getting there but we are still lacking that depth in highlights and shadows. i was trying to play with the nxt editor but still no luck. Will keep trying and regroup later:)



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