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I only work on architectural models and I'm new to Nxt so I have a few questions:

1. Is there a setting in Sky that will give me actual clouds such as in Revit?

2. Can I control the haze at the orizon and get a sharper horizon line?

3. When I hit the render button the render window is about 1/4 the actual screen size. Is there a way to get the render window to fill the entire screen?

Thanks, anyone!

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  1. In NXT there is no automatic cloud setting.  I normally will use an image in the background for the sky.
  2. If you are using the haze post process, you can edit the quality of the haze and amount. Normally, I will put objects in the way to cover up the horizon.  It is not often the horizon is seen in images.  There are tricks here we can discuss.  Can you send what you are currently getting?
  3. The resolution of the rendering is set in the Flamingo NXT control panel > Render tab.  When rendering, the render window will report the Zoom level of the widow.  If it is set to 1.00 is is displaying full size. You can stretch the window larger, but if you do not render to a larger resolution it may not look great. What does the render window Titlebar list?

Thanks for your reply. My problem with the rendering windo is that on a 17" screen it ends up being so small- about 3: x 8" that it's hard to see the details. If I stretch the render screen and swith from 1:1 to "extents" then I get a larger rendering but the resolution suffers. The resolution is set at 814 x 370. Is there a way to increase the resolution for the larger window?


Is this an eval version?

No - It's the full version. I recently discovered the render settings so I am getting better resolution now, but I agree that the current sky is a step bacwards- the clouds were much better.


The previous version gave you control over the sky and clouds but we prefer to use background images and cover up the horizon with plants or buildings depending on the scene as Scott suggests.

I am continuing to struggle with lighting levels to reduce glare and give me better quality texture rendering. I just noticed that with the plants layer off I have better lighting. When I turn the foliage on, the light level is way to bright in spite of turning it way down, both sunlight and ambient. And I made no settings changes.

Another on going issue is plants, they are too limited and I don't want to have to 'build' my own. There are improvements in the foliage over the previous version but that ver. had a huge library. There is only one shrub and it is getting pretty boring as are the few trees that look suitable.

You'll need to include some example images here if you want some real help.  In general, use the Brightness setting to change overall scene illumination levels, rather than trying to turn down all of the lights.

I agree about the sky settings. Thanks for the advice! I have the full version- not the trial.



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