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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I'm sure this is due to extreme novice experience level, but I cannot figure out why my render has lines shooting up where they're not supposed to & is pixellated & shows materials through others when it's not supposed to.  Is it just a memory problem?  Maybe a processor problem?  Or can I adjust the resolution or something to keep it from doing this?  I'm just rendering the viewport with 300,000 pixels total.  The Rhino file as about 45Mb, the boardwalk showing is about 300' long, bunch of lights, 5 pretty big trees(maybe that's it?).  My machine is a 1.73Ghz pentium, 2.0Gb ram running in 3gig swap mode.  I know it's dark, it's supposed to be a night rendering to show the lights in the deck.

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Cool man, thanks a bunch!


Hi Scott, on that really sweet lighting that you created for the boardwalk/bridge file of mine, what type of light distribution did you set for the fixtures on the deck?  Spot or All directions?  I assume you did not check "Use IES file".  I cannot seem to get the shadows on the rib verticals to show crisp & as if the light source is on the deck like yours were.

Scott, I found the problem with the deck lights.  I had a rectangular solid the size of the lens tagged as a light, this solid was part of a block, I have 3 different sizes of fixtures, this is so that I can quickly get a block count using the block manager for quantity take offs & ordering.  Now Flamingo will not cast shadows from these items if they are part of the block.  I just exploded all of the light blocks -but now I cannot list the block count & cannot track how many of each light I have . . . :(  . . - and it rendered the upcast shadows beautifully.  Can this be fixed so that one can keep lights as part of blocks and still have them cast shadows?

Lights as Blocks:

Exploded the blocks containing lights:

Cheers! -Calvino



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