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Hello all

I've render an image using the render farm between 2 computers. All the files are now there but when I go to patch them all together it just shows up as a big black image.

When I turn the different channels on and off I can see the image and the lights etc...

But when I go to view image it's just black


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Ok, i believe i did the same thing a while ago when i was learning the farm, it was a while ago so forgive me if i'm horrible off base

so you've rendered the image in 2 .nxt image files right? and you're trying to make them one again

i believe(i'll see if i can do a test to help you) that you go to arithmetic and then add the second image.

I think thats what i did for my test, but it was a while ago

Hi A Smith,

Yes there's 14.nxt files and I have gone to...

- Image

   - Arithmetic

        - Add

But where those images should turn up is just black!

Yes, this is correct.  Open up the first slice.  Then use the Add... function to add in the other slices.  Once all added in, then save the NXT image.  You can save a JPG or PNG by going to Save Tonemapped image as....

This is what the final result looks like


This looks like the first slice in the series. The black is fine, it is empty pixels.  If you go to the Image pulldown > Arithmetic > Add.....  Select the other slices of the rendering.  They should be listed 001, 002, 003, etc...

You can contact us directly on chat by going to www.rhino3d.com and hitting the Tech Chat button on the left.

Here's another one. Individually they are there but they just don't come together.


I can't see the images  thats just the slices yeah, the 2 images are different, background wise, is it meant to look like that?

Can you post the Nxt, then one of us can give it a go, or is it for a client?

when you'r in add, shift click and select all the images?

Here they are...

There were no attachments?

worse comes to worse, how many passes do you need to do?

i could set it to run my computer and send it back to you, as a last option

I looked at the files that Troy sent me.  Thye were quite large and required 5+ GB of memory to stitch together.  I found if I stitched them one at a time, it was faster.

I sent the combined image back to Troy. 

Brilliant, i'm glad it worked out!

Thanks to everyone for giving me suggestions and helping.

Lessons I have learned...

Do not use 300 DPI. 150 DPI is more than enough!

Problem solved!



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